Are you planning to appear in civil service examination? And confused

about deciding the optional paper and loosing precious time?

Well I, on the basis of 29 years of experience in guiding students,

recommend that you should select anthropology. You may accuse me of

advocating anthropology at the cost of other optional subjects such as

public administration, sociology, Economics and so on but I am placing

certain facts to prove my point.

Why Anthropology

1. The syllabus of anthropology is definite and quite limited, so less time is

required for preparation and time saved can be utilized for other


2. You will not be facing dearth of good study material and notes for

preparation of examination.

3. The concepts of anthropology are easy to understand and interesting as

they deal with simple things such as family, marriage.Further ,the topics

such as inbreeding ,incest etc are interrelated and an insight can easily be


4. In selecting an optional paper, you have to keep in mind that you have to

compete with students of the same optional subject and generally in case of

some optional such as Public Administration , History and Political Science

etc ,competition is tough because these subjects are studied up to

graduation and post graduation level. In anthropology, you will compete

with non- anthropology student. So with better guidance from experts, you

can score good marks.

#anthropology #upsc #ias #ips

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