Since anthropology deals with simple societies, so preparation for

anthropology is easy, scoring and less time consuming .Theoretically,

anthropology is the comparative study of all societies – tribal, peasant and

modern but practically, anthropological preference is the study of simple

tribal societies and preference of sociology is the study of modern society.

In sociology, since the issues and problems of modern society are complex ,

answering questions in limited space provided in questions-cum- answer

booklet requires not only the clear concept of the issue but command of

language and analytical skills. Further, theoretical concerns- Marxist versus

weberian is also a problem in sociology.

On the other hand, anthropological preference for

small scale societies is beneficial for scoring high marks in anthropology.

Analyzing previous year’s questions asked in civil service, more questions

have been asked regarding hunting and food-gathering tribe and its variant

(P.T.G.),then on shifting cultivator and less on agriculturist tribes. The

question relating to hunting and food gathering tribes has been asked in

1981, 1988, 1997, 2011 and questions relating to primitive tribal group

(P.T.G.) in the year 2008 and 2014. The high frequency of questions from

small-scale hunting societies and P.T.G shows that the focus of

anthropology is still on simplest tribes in harsh environment. These

simplest tribes are proto-type societies, their social, economic, political and

cultural system is simple and limited. As a result the preparation of

anthropology is easy, less time consuming and scoring.

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