The scope of anthropology

Scope: - The scope of anthropology has changed over the years, from the

science of man to the science in the service of man.

As a science of man, anthropology studies man holistically- from

biological, social, cultural economic and political point of view. physical

anthropology studies origin and biological background of man by the study

of evolution, primatologist and fossil man; and biological characteristic and

genetic variability of man by the study of genetics, race, effect of in

inbreeding/consanguinity, nutrition etc.

Anthropology studies social aspect of man in term of marriage,

family, kinship, group, caste, varna, band, tribe, etc.

Anthropology studies cultural aspect of man through the study of

culture, civilization, religion, magic, totem, taboo etc.

Anthropology studies economic aspect of man through the

comparative study of primitive and modern economy, gift and ceremonial

exchange, Barter and trade, tribal market etc.

Anthropology studies political aspect of man through the

comparative study of state and stateless political system, law & justice in

tribal societies etc.

Now, the scope of Anthropology has outgrown from its traditional

concern of science of man, and has transformed into science in the service

of man.The generalization “Anthropology in the service of humanity”

was a question in 1987 civil services.

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